Carhartt WIP Radio June 2019

Carhartt WIP Radio June 2019: FloFilz Radio Show



For this month’s Carhartt WIP Radio show we bring you FloFilz, one of Germany’s most in-demand hip hop producers. Since 2013 he has released instrumental records on labels such as Melting Pot Music and Jakarta, with a style that seductively blends soul- and jazz-influenced grooves.

FloFilz’s first two albums as a beatmaker were collaborative works, and in late 2014 he released his first solo LP titled "Metronom". Four instrumental albums have since followed, cementing his reputation as jazz-connoisseur producer, who seeks to open up the genre to a new generation of listeners.

For his Carhartt WIP Radio show, he melds older work with tracks from his upcoming album "Transit". As usual we also sat down to speak to this month’s host, chatting about his upbringing, Bach and J Dilla, and his thoughts on Germany’s hip hop scene. Make sure to check out the full FloFilz interview on our Carhartt WIP website and enjoy the music.


1. FloFilz x The Deli - Green Flash
2. FloFilz x Psalm Trees - Smooth Wit¥ Any Groove
3. FloFilz - Crepuscule (Interlude)
4. J.Lamotta - Turning (FloFilz Remix) (Unreleased)
5. FloFilz - Lanai Gardens
6. FloFilz - Montclare St
7. FloFilz - Blue Orchard
8. FloFilz - Arcade feat. Alfa Mist
9. FloFilz - Hoxton Hoops feat. K, Le Maestro
10. FloFilz - Untitled (Unreleased)
11. Ghostnaut & Raw Collective - Must Be Love (FloFilz Remix)
12. FloFilz - The Don
13. FloFilz - Bad Self
14. Freddie Joachim - Beyond The Sea of Trees feat. FloFilz
15. FloFilz & K, Le Maestro - Untitled (Unreleased)
16. FloFilz - Ruamarelo
17. FloFilz - Getdismoney (Instrumental)
18. FloFilz - Transit(ions)
19. FloFilz - One4Jakarta
20. FloFilz - Br¸ckenmarkt
21. FloFilz - Nuvem feat. Olivia Wendlandt
22. FloFilz - Camberwell feat. Alfa Mist
23. FloFilz & Hubert Daviz - 3rd Avenue
24. FloFilz - Inside Out feat. Biig Piig…eature-flofilz