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Carhartt WIP Radio - Idle Hands


From dubstep to house and techno, Bristol-based record label Idle Hands has been shaping the sound of its city since 2009 – the year its founder, Chris Farrell, first released music by Peverelist, one of Bristol’s dubstep originators.

The label has since gone on to garner international acclaim, featuring an impressive roster of artists such as Bruce, Shanti Celeste, Om Unit and Parris. Today, it continues to push sonic boundaries and provides open minded music-heads with twisted electronic albums from Bristol, tuned in by local artists like O$VMV$M and Rhythmic Theory.

For Carhartt WIP Radio Idle Hands mastermind Chris Farrell now has prepared a mix that mirrors the world of his label, blending older releases with more recent tunes by the likes of K-Lone, Strategy and Daisy Moon.

To find out more about what keeps Idle Hands boss Chris Farrell busy, we spoke with him about his town Bristol, the store and the label, his favorite Instagram account and more. Make sure to check out the full interview on our Carhartt WIP website and enjoy the music.



K-Lone: Dance Of The Vampires (2019)
Szare: Action Five (2011)
Leif: Life Through Analogies (2015)
Christian Jay: Del's Kicks (2018)
Alex Coulton: Brooklyn (2012)
Johanna Knutsson & Hans Berg: Bimbo (2017)
LMYE: Manhattan (Shanti Celeste Remix) (2016)
Kevin McPhee: A Jam (2013)
Parris: Puro Rosacea (2018)
Strategy: Return From The Stars (2013)
Area: Rlgl (2017)
Strategy: Evolu (2019)
K-Lone: Sleepwalker(2019)
Andy Mac: Longships (PST & Dreesen Remix) (2018)
Peverelist: Right Hand (2018)
Daisy Moon: Overwinter (2019)



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Carhartt WIP Radio - Idle Hands, Chris Farrell