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When Detroit native John Derek Yancey, better known as Illa J, released his album "Home,” in 2017, it was partly an act of self-affirmation for the rapper-slash-singer. As the younger brother of hip hop legend J Dilla, who tragically passed away in 2006, the 32-year-old artist has spent much of his career in the shadow of his illustrious sibling – even playing a bit-part role in Slum Village after Dilla’s death.

Around 2014, he eventually parted with the crew and moved to Montreal where he would hone his artistic skillset, free from the influence of his native Detroit peers. On returning to his hometown, he went straight to the studio to record “Home.” It was the album that would see him step out of his brother’s shadow for the first time, showcasing his talent not simply as a rapper, but as an accomplished, ambitious vocalist. Last November he released his latest album, the eponymously titled “John Yancey.” It’s one which oscillates more sharply between R&B and hip hop, delivering twelve songs of wispy vocals and breathless raps.

For Carhartt WIP Radio, Yancey has selected some of his tunes, that DJ Glenn Astro put together to showcase the eclectic nature of his work, from that raw rap talent shown on his first album – the 2008 release “Yancey Boys” – to a more mature, mellow artist a decade on.

As usual, we also sat down with the artist, to discuss music, family, his hometown and why people from Detroit have such a special affinity for Prince. Make sure to check out the full interview on our Carhartt WIP website and enjoy the music.


Illa J Radio Show


Illa J: All Good
Illa J: 12AM
Illa J: Home
Illa J: Sam Cook
Illa J: DTW
Illa J: Timeless
Illa J: 7 Mile
Illa J: Find One
Illa J: Sounds Like Love
Illa J: Enjoy The Ride
Illa J: Maureen
Illa J: Weather Report
Illa J: Cannonball
Illa J: Rose Gold
Illa J: DFTF
Illa J: Shine On
Illa J: Tokyo
Illa J: James Said
Illa J: Universe
Illa J: Sunflower (feat. Allie)
Illa J: On The Side
Illa J: 32