Carhartt WIP Radio August 2019

Juan Atkins Radio Show



For this month’s Carhartt WIP Radio show we bring you a selection of music produced by legendary Detroit musician Juan Atkins – a man who needs little introduction. In the early 1980s, with his band Cybotron, Atkins developed proto-techno and later in the decade, he would go on to release music under the alias Model 500.

Alongside his school friends Kevin Saunderson and Derrick May, he defined the new dance music genre called techno, with milestones records like ‘”No UFO’s” put out on his very own label Metroplex.

For his Carhartt WIP Radio show, the so called “godfather of techno” conducted a mix that showcases early Cybotron works, Model 500 classics as well as tracks produced under other pseudonyms such as Infiniti.

Make sure to check out the Carhartt WIP website for an exclusive interview with Juan Atkins and enjoy the ride.


1. Model 500 - No Ufo’s
2. Cybotron - R-9 (Instrumental)
3. Model 500 - Future (Vocal)
4. Cybotron - Alleys Of Your Mind
5. Model 500 - Off to Battle
6. Cybotron - Cosmic Cars
7. Infiniti - Sunlight
8. Cybotron - Cosmic Raindance
9. Model 500 - The Chase (Smooth Mix)
10. Cybotron - Clear
11. Model 500 - Technicolor
12. Model 500 - Night-Drive
13. Model 500 - I Wanna Be There
14. Model 500 - Starlight