Carhartt WIP Radio May 2020

Carhartt WIP Radio May 2020: Lord Apex Radio Show



While London’s music scene has rightly received considerable attention in recent years thanks to its burgeoning grime and drill scenes, the work of west London MC Lord Apex eschews this categorization, with a sound that skews more stateside. Notably, he cites Knxwledge as one of his favorite producers, and his particular strain of neo-soul infused beats. Much of Lord Apex’s music sits within this hard-to-define genre, which seeks to provide a contemporary framework for hip hop’s lingua franca. But despite the evident sonic influence of American rap on Lord Apex’s, his smooth distinct drawl and subject matter leave you in little doubt of his London credentials.

For Carhartt WIP Radio, Lord Apex takes us on a rhythmic journey, assembled by his friend DJ Corrado, showcasing his own vast catalogue of tracks. As ever, we also sat down with this month’s host to discuss his musical upbringing, how London influence’s his sound, and hip hop on both sides of the pond. Check the full feature at


1.: Lord Apex - Bebop
2.: Lord Apex - EM3
3.: Lord Apex - Top Shotta
4.: Lord Apex - Vintage Garms
5.: Lord Apex - EM2
6.: Lord Apex - Pretty Penny
7.: Lord Apex - Lowrider 3000
8.: Lord Apex - Snoop SNL
9.: Lord Apex - Null & Void
10.: Lord Apex - Same Me
11.: Lord Apex - SSV2
12.: Lord Apex - Up Early
13.: Lord Apex - Quickly Quickly
14.: Lord Apex - Spliff In The Morning
15.: Lord Apex - The Fads
16.: Lord Apex - Sunny Daze
17.: Lord Apex - Sensei
18.: Lord Apex - Mr Metaphysical
19.: Lord Apex - Cthulhu
20.: Lord Apex - Hell Out Of Dodge
21.: Lord Apex - Cheetah
22.: Lord Apex - Blanka buds
23.: Lord Apex - Rizla
24.: Lord Apex - Old Flows
25.: Lord Apex - Eternally Blessed…ture-lord-apex