Carhartt WIP Radio November 2017


We are very pleased to welcome Money $ex Records to our Carhartt WIP Radio channel - a Berlin based label managed by three friends that unite one thing: a love for all kinds of music. Since December 2015 Max Graef, Glenn Astro and Delfonic have released music which has been produced by them and their friends, including Gerry Franke, Tito Wun, C.A. Ramirez, Hodini, IMYRMIND, Dexter or Retrogott amongst others. Their styles are varied - it could be house, it could be jazz, soul, funk, hiphop, trap, or just a thrilling electronic dreamland from a producer’s mind. For Carhartt WIP Radio, DJ and producer Glenn Astro jumped into his private DJ booth and conducted a mix that features the multiple elements of the Money $ex history with a deeply moving, constantly groove story arc.

MERE Label Feature: Money $ex Records


Ivory Boy & Brother Martino - Intro
Max Graef & Glenn Astro - Cool Garage Band Intro
Hodini, Max Graef & Damiano von Erckert - Pepatzenimfernbus
IMYRMIND - Deephouse Track Des Jahres (Vocal Mix) (feat. Max Graef)
Kickflip Mike - Wizard Island (feat. DJ Mettigel & Luds)
C.A. Ramirez & Tito Wun - Ding Dong Ditch
IMYRMIND - Pony Lungz (feat. Glenn Astro & Luds)
Christopher Rau - I Hear $$$ (feat Ron Wilson)
Nas1 - Cervello Bloccato
Alex Seidel - + Encounter -
Torben Unit - Kristina
Dexter - Airy
Knowsum - Shower
Glenn Astro & Ajnascent - Troika (feat. Hodini, IMYRMIND & Memphis Roza)
Delfonic & DJ Mettigel - Second Hand
IMYRMIND & DJ Kapusta: Kapusta I Kwas
Borrowed CS - Bongo
Max Graef Band - Tangerine
Stevie Up In Smoke - Outtakes (Excerpt)
Gerry Franke - Linum (feat. Max Graef)
Retrogott & Glenn Astro - Freihandel Freestyle