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Carhartt WIP Radio - NEU! Radio Show


For Spring/Summer 18, Carhartt WIP has created an offcial NEU! Capsule collection, blending the band′s iconic aesthetic with a host of our classic garments. Today, it seems almost passé to riff on the graphic tropes of late capitalist advertising and to subvert the corporate lexicon for one′s artistic endeavours. But in 1971, it wasn′t. NEU!, taking its name and branding from the culture of advertising agencies of its hometown of Düsseldorf, Germany, was a revolutionary force - both visually and sonically. Creating a brand of experimental rock that would ultimately inform genres such as punk, post-punk and Detroit techno, the band′s influence can still be felt today.

NEU! was formed by Klaus Dinger and Michael Rother, shortly after their split from Kraftwerk. Together with producer and non-member Conny Plank, who shared the duo′s enthusiasm for experimentation and sonic innovation, they would create three unique NEU! Albums. Though the band did not enjoy mainstream commercial success, their work had a profound impact on artists like David BowieDamon AlbarnBrian EnoThom Yorke and Sonic Youth. Dinger is widely recognized as one of the most important drummers of the 20th century, with his signature minimalistic style only rivalled by the likes of Clyde Stubblefield, of James Brown’s band, and Fela Kuti. Rother, meanwhile, remains prolific, releasing music, creating film scores and playing live all over the world, thrilling diverse audiences and inspiring musicians from Japan to Mexico.

Following on from the Sound Of Detroit collection - which high-lighted infuential cover artworks from The Motor City - Carhartt WIP worked with the iconic NEU! motif, applying it to staple items such as pocket t-shirts, socks and, of course, white overalls - just like those worn by Klaus Dinger. As part of this collaboration, Grönland Records has also produced 1000 copies of the rare NEU! -Super/Neuschnee 7′′ single, which will be exclusively available at Carhartt WIP stores. To accent the collection, we asked Mute Records′ founder Daniel Miller to select his favourite NEU! songs and prepare a Carhartt WIP Radio show.


NEU! Radio Show




I forbindelse med kollektionen og mix'et talte Carhartt WIP Radio med NEU!s Michael Rother om hans liv,
oplevelser i lyd og mere. Læs interviewet på Carhartt WIP Music siden.

NEU! Michael Rother





Carhartt WIP x NEU!