Carhartt WIP Radio September 2019

NTS WIP Radio Show



In early 2019, after thousands of applicants and months of careful deliberation, Arts Council England, NTS Radio and Carhartt WIP announced the artists who have made it through to the first year of NTS WIP artist development program: AZADI.mp3 and Lucinda Chua, both from London, Contour from Charleston, USA, Crystallmess from Paris, Toronto’s LA Timpa, Lecx Stacy from San Diego, Manchester-based Aya and London based DJ re:ni. To introduce their work and vision, Carhartt WIP asked them to conduct a mix that showcasess their recent musical output. Only re:ni, who isn’t a producer, is not part of the show. To introduce her skills as a DJ, Carhartt WIP asked her to prepare a mix that represents her way of storytelling as a DJ, which will be broadcast separately two weeks from now. To accompany this month’s show, we talked to each participant about their work, their early steps in music and more. Make sure to check the spell at


1. Aya - Lassanamae V3 10.29.18
2. Crystallmess - For The Dropouts (Interlude)
3. AZADI.mp3 - My Imaginary Friend
4. Contour - New Garden
5. Lucinda Chua - Feel Something
6. Aya - And Eats Itself And Eats Itself And Eats Itself
7. LA Timpa - 2_ep1
8. Crystallmess - Just Because It’s A Funeral Doesn’t Mean That We Can’t Rave
9. Aya - That Hyde Trakk
10. LA Timpa - Caged Animal
11. AZADI.mp3 - WHO IS AZADI.mp3?
12. Contour - Stop tryna be god
13. LA Timpa - 8 Still Love Us
14. Lucinda Chua - Semitones
15. Contour - Time
16. Aya - Think i’m gonna make a homemade weapon
17. Crystallmess - Mariage Burlesque
18. Lecx Stacy - Beaded
18. Lucinda Chua - Somebody Who…p-participants