Carhartt WIP Radio May 2017


Carhartt WIP Radio proudly features Public Possession; a record label, a clothing brand, a graphics workshop, exhibition space and infamous hang out, all based since 2013 in the iconic shop in Munich, Germany. Formed in 2012 by DJs Valentino Betz and Marvin Schuhmann, the concept is to combine music, arts, clothes and events to make news. The store features in-house and selected products as well as commission based work. Musical artists on the label include Bell Towers, Obalski, Anton Klint, Samo DJ, GlamouRatz and Hysteric to name a few, reflecting the label's diversity of influence: electronica, hip hop, disco, Italo, folk, eclectic, ambient. Enjoy this exclusive mix for Carhartt WIP Radio and immerse yourself in the world of Public Possession.

Læs et interview med DJs Valentino Betz and Marvin Schuhmann:
Label feature: Public Possession

Public Possession


Tambien - Ouverture
Obalski - Chukoo
Konrad Wehrmeister - Untitled
Samo DJ - Sha Tin 4am
Baba Stiltz - Beirut
Mr. Tophat - Fin
Hysteric - Belly Dance Disco
Rhode & Brown - Black Cardigan
Selvy - Taba Taba
Sano - La Descontinuada
Bell Towers - Jumping Off Into The Sea Of Your Love
Lipelis - Bordeaux Lovin
Henry Gilles - Gone But Not Forgotten (Outro Version)
GlamouRatz - Unpredictable (Broke Ass Bitch)