Carhartt WIP Radio March 2020

Carhartt WIP Radio March 2020: TTB Radio Show


For this month’s Carhartt WIP Radio show, our host is Tabitha Thorlu-Bangura – often shortened to TTB. A member of the NTS family since its earliest days, Tabitha has been one of the key people pulling the strings behind the renowned radio station. In addition, she hosts her monthly TTB show, which melds soul, jazz, and funk with hip hop, ambient, techno, and a myriad of other sounds and genres.

For Carhartt WIP Radio TTB – who is featured in our Spring/Summer 2020 campaign –  has prepared a short mix that pairs old friends with talented strangers, from Beatrice Dillon and Lee Gamble to Kinlaw, Argentina's Aylu and Glaswegian duo LAPS.

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1.: Aylu - Cremisi
2.: Vtgnike - 318
3.: Kinlaw - Korkut
4.: Umfang - Cygnus
5.: Magdalena's Apathy - Atitlo
6.: BOA - 888
7.: Low Jack - Shell
9.: Minoru Fushimi - Mizuko no Tamashii Hyakumademo (The Soul of Unbon Fetus)
11.: A I W A - Starfall Gc
12.: Beatrice Dillon - Workaround Seven
13.: Lee Gamble - Istian
14.: Denna Glass - Nuff Sister
15.: LORD TUSK - Get Your Mind Right
16: Lukid - Laughin