Carhartt WIP Radio show - April 2017


This show covers the Düsseldorf launched, now Berlin-based label Version run by producer and DJ Orson Sieverding, a shining light in the Dub/Bass music universe. Orson originally comes from Düsseldorf and dropped his first Version vision with parties at the now larger-than-life venue Salon Des Amateurs.

Besides being a label manager, producer and DJ he made video documentation on London's Grime and Dubstep scene and was a writer for the now defunct Germany top electronic magazine De:Bug. Having added DJ and producer to his list of skills, he now spreads his customised Dubstep word around the globe through the Version label and events. Version's first release was the Wax Treatment podcast in 2010, followed in 2011 with the first 12" Dread Drumz under the name Orson, but featuring DJ partner Hops and the superbly named Kraut.

Now, ten releases later, the label's sound has become more considered and adventurous, with intelligently crafted beats, crossing between genres seamlessly. This show's mix involves Orson's compilation of old and new dub plate material from the Version catalogue. Enjoy.

Læs et interview med Orson i Carhartt WIP Label feature: Version


Version Radio Show


Timeblind - Space Cadet
Orson - The Embrace (Ambient Edit)
Orson - Garzweiler (Dubplate)
Orson - Production House
Orson - Life Gamble (Dubplate)
Orson - For The Head
Orson - Memory Reset (Dubplate)
Orson - The Past Is A Dream
Orson & Hops - Al Aqsa Elektro (Dubplate)
Orson - You Don't (Dubplate)
Orson - Fabrik
Orson & Skratch - Nucleus
Yak - Mido
Benny Ill - Embrace (V6 Edit) (Dubplate)
Timeblind - Time Dilated By Matter

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