Carhartt WIP Radio April 2018

Volcov: Neroli Radio Show


Soulful and deep: Carhartt WIP Radio welcomes the Italian label Neroli. Since 2001 the Verona based company is guided by the spirit of collector, DJ and producer Enrico Crivellaro aka Volcov, that some also know under the moniker Isoul8. He is a man with a delicate taste for jazz influenced music that is rooted somewhere deep between broken beats and four-to-the-floor-flavours of house music.

His label never followed hypes or trends. Instead deeply manufactured musicality calls the tune. He also created a creative platform, that works like a family and that features a global gang of cutting edge producers like Nubian Mindz, Just One, Lars Bartkuhn or Alton Miller.

For Carhartt WIP Radio Volcov dived deep into the Neroli catalogue and prepared a soulful mix that brings some classics of the early label days, some underrated tunes as well as fresh contemporary stuff by artists such as Soul 223 or Dego & 2000Black.




Volcov: Neroli Radio Show


Skymark: Open Our Eyes To The World
Domu: Poin Of Entry
OOO: My Mind Is Going
Soul 223: Epiphany
Nutmeg: Take Time
Anthony Nicholson: Suntek
Trinidadian Deep: My Eshu
DJ Man X ft Blaze: Consequences (Blaze Mix)
Kemetic Just presents Just One: I Will Follow You (Kemit Soul Makossa Mix)
Latin Soul Brothas: Peace 'N Strenght
Lee Van Kleef: In The Wrong (Manoo Dublove Mix)
Lars Bartkuhn: Elysium
Dego & 2000 Black: Sunshine

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Volcov: Neroli Radio Show