NTS x Carhartt WIP

Carhartt WIP x NTS Radio

Since 2011 the London based radio station NTS serves the online community with a diverse range of live radio shows featuring all sorts of music.
Since long Carhartt WIP supports the broadcasters without blinkers, that emerged due to their radical but highly emotional program to one of the
globally most acclaimed new radio stations.

Since 2015 NTS and Carhartt WIP strengthen their relationship and join forces for another unique mission: the NTS x Carhartt WIP Radio tour
– an intensive musical journey that travelled through Europe and stopped in selected cities in France, Spain, UK, Switzerland, Italy and Germany.
At each stop we installed a special custom-built booth that looks like the original NTS radio booth in London. During the stop young and fresh local heroes
played together with some demanded artists from around the globe like Gerd Janson, GE-OLOGY, Low Jack, Volcov, Moxie, Kutmah, Ruf Dug or Shanti Celeste.

After dancing and grooving in London and around Europe, Carhartt WIP and NTS manifest their friendship again a bit deeper and launch a special collection
designed by NTS’s very own design team. They toyed around with sassy colors like Flower or Lagoon and created contemporary eye-catcher motives that cover
t-shirts, longsleeves and a logo pocket shirt.
The launch will be accompanied by a few special videos that play with the items. The collection launch is on September the 8th and gets support by more
Carhartt WIP x NTS Radio tour dates in Denmark, France, Germany and the UK. Watch out!

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